About Frankie Lynn

Hello and welcome to my online shop. My name is Frankie Lynn and I am a shoe designer and shoe addict who loves to experiment with whimsical & fantasy imagery. My love affair with shoes began when I was a very little girl. I had a couple of pairs in my wardrobe that used to make me feel like I was a fairytale character or had superpowers. I used to act out elaborate play scenes in my 'magic shoes' and as time went on my costumes became more & more elaborate to match my wild imagination.
Since then, not a lot has actually changed. I still believe shoes have a special kind of magic and nowadays I love to spend my time designing and making fairytale shoes for amazing people like you. I even write a special little story to go with each of my designs in the hope that some of that fantastical charm I experienced as a child will carry through to the people who wear my designs today.

Alongside my footwear range, I also stock plenty of jewellery & accessories that compliment what inspires me. This really is a whimsy and wondrous Emporium. I'd love it if you would stop by and browse through my plethora of goods and who knows, perhaps one day I will be designing a pair of shoes especially for you too!