Creating a new vision...

I recently had a customer who pretty much had all the same tastes as me. A love of fine art, inspired by couture and a fascination with all things baroque and rococo. How perfectly marvelous!
Needless to say, I was thoroughly delighted when this customer approached me to make their Wedding shoes. I snapped up the opportunity and got out my sketchpad as soon as I could.

The design was going to be a challenge, using some techniques I hadn't tried before. But I love opportunities to really push myself and I am always eager to learn some new skills in order to become a better shoe maker.

With this design, one of the Items I had to figure out was how to create a toe fan. Something that would echo the effect of an Elizabethan neck ruf but on the front of a shoe instead. I needed to use the same fabric I the rest of the uppers but in order to add stiffness so that it would hold it's shape, I also needed to add a sturdy interfacing that was close to buckram.

As well as the new addition of a toe fan, I also introduced a new type of stiffener to the uppers that I sandwiched between the lining and the fashion fabric layer. This meant I could use smaller toe puffs and counters in the overall composition as so the general feel was much softer. This was important to me as I really want to develop the 'comfort' and 'wearability' aspect to the shoes I create.

Overall I am delighted with how this pair turned out and would even hasten to say that it may be my finest creation to date! But I will let you make up your own mind. 

Till next time, much love
Frankie xx