Making Story Book Shoes

One of the biggest influences in my design work is fairy tales. It has been my inspiration since day dot, so much so that I even write my own little fairy tales to go with my shoe designs. 
Looking over my shoe portfolio to date, I felt as though there were some fairy tale fundamentals missing from the mix. One such element was that of the 'Story Book'. I decided to create a pair of shoes inspired by the imagery of the classic story book, with the heels looking like book spines and the toes to have tiny hand crafted story books on them.

The crafting process was hugely enjoyable as i gave myself quite a lot of freedom to 'just see what happens' so to speak, and I was thrilled with the end result.
When I posted the images of my experiment onto my facebook page the other week...I received a small influx of enquiry messages from customers asking me to re-create themfor them too! Naturally I was thrilled! People obviously liked what was in my head!
Here are the images of the end result, hope you like them.